Careers vs Job: Following Your Passion


We often hear, ‘follow your passion’, but in reality, it can be misleading. It is really important to be practical and analyze how one should achieve his/her dreams. There are very few who have been passionate about a specific career right from their childhood to the point they score a job. But the career choices we have today are so diverse that youngsters find it difficult to find the best fit of the profession for themselves. This confusion may often lead to wrong choices. There is a constant fight between the heart and mind. Where the heart wishes to follow the passion, the mind is practical and wants to follow a career with better salary prospects. This is a never-ending confusion and makes it impossible to settle down. In cases as such, there needs to be a perfect balance between both options. One needs to make every effort without giving up.

As a matter of fact, following our passion completely depends on how good we are with our skills for a particular job. If you’ve already settled for a job but are facing a mid-career crisis, remember it’s not too late. You are earning some good mint but it’s not giving you happiness, here’s what you can do. While you are jostling with the job, start working on your skills. Learn more about your skills and develop them. You can DIY or take up an online course. We often find that we may be good at something but we are not meant for it. This process will make you realize if you should proceed with your passions or stay where you are. Or maybe, you just have to practice till you perfect the required skills.

While you are upgrading your skillset, put yourself out on display for the world to see. Reach out to your friends and family to build an audience. Let your passion pay for your skills and get you extra cash flow. Use this money as a fund to build a side hustle out of your passion such that it should support you; if you choose to quit your job. Do not quit your job until and unless, your passion can support your lifestyle. Money matters, so make sure your skills are so strong that you can build an income source without going homeless.

While it’s completely natural to find a job that brings us happiness. It’d be stupid just to jump into a dark pit with no light. Follow your passions but only when they follow your lifestyle. Take decisions that involve both your heart and your mind, then you’ll never be unhappy.

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